Progress reports

1.    Project Implementation Arrangements:

 1.1 The project, which is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) and also covers activities under the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MOLSW), in particular to establish a Labor Market Information System (LMIS), continuous to draw on the established operational PIU, both at the MOES and MOLSW. The cumulative cooperation between the two Ministries in producing agreed project outputs contributes to a smooth and effective implementation of project activities.

 1.2  In view of the overall supervision of the project, the second steering committee meeting, which was attended by the Vice Minister and senior officials of the MOES, senior officials of the SDED, Ministry of labour and Social Welfare, and the TA team members, was conducted on 24 October 2013 at Dong Chan Palace Hotel. Two main items were reported by the Project Manager on project progress until October 2013, in particular progress on civil work and procurement of equipment, while the TA TL elaborated on project progress since January 2013. Other key items on the agenda were presentations on a) the Training Assistance Voucher Scheme, especially regarding progress on 1st batch TAVP intake and  implementation and  management  procedures,  as well  as on lessons learned in recruiting TAVP beneficiaries, b) report on status of the two contracted training schemes (SSCP, SCP), c) elaboration on the status to strengthening NTC-PO,  and d) an overview of achievements related to the development of competency based training, a major output of the project. Dr.   Kongsy SENGMANY, Vice Minister of MOES, and Chair, reflected on the presentations and took note of the achievements and problems raised by the TL.   However, he urged all parties concerned to contribute more efforts to accelerate project implementation with focus on reviewing the quality of civil works and timely commissioning of new equipment and at the same time, Dr Kongsy expressed concern about the overall project management in light of timely production of outputs.

 1.3  Regarding the overall project performance, project implementation is fully under way. Progress is being made across all outputs, with the progress having been made in Output 1 (65.6%), Output 2 (78.6%), Output 3 (55.3%), Output 4 (56.8%), and Output 5 (88.4%). Overall, physical progress is estimated at around 55.7%, versus an elapsed grant implementation period of 64.2% (as of March 2014). A summary of progress by quarter one of 2014 for each output is provided below.