Increased private sector involvement in TVET strategy and delivery

 1.1 Skills contracting, all necessary documents have been submitted to PIU since last year (Status to be presented by PIU).

1.2 Technical Consultation Meeting organized on 14/3/2014.

1.3 Report on status of Skills Contracting Program: a) submission of working paper to PIU, b) Identification of private training providers and training programs, c) Processing in selection of  private training providers and etc.,

1.4 Preparing Advertising of Expression of Interest (EOI) for SCP preparing Advertising of Expression of Interest (EOI) for SCP

1.5 Skills Contract Program (SCP): Based on a brief analyze and feedback conducted with selected private training providers, it appears that there is a greater demand for short courses than for long courses. Hence, it has been agreed to broaden the scope of SCP to cover short-term courses as well as certificate and diploma level courses. To ensure that private training providers in Lao PDR will have the opportunity to offer their training services in the context of the above mentioned scope, the TA has drafted an advert text for expression of interest that will be advertised in local newspaper in Q2 2014.