Facilities (equipment) for project Schools

a)   To verify and finalizing the equipment master list to general school condition and needs, the SSCTT Consultant and TL supported a workshop addressing “Preparation of Institutional Equipment Requirements”. The workshop held in May 2012, was attended by all subject teachers for four occupational areas from all project schools, during which institutional equipment requirements in form of ‘equipment packages’ were compiled.

The achievements during the reporting period related to output 1 are summarized in table 1 as follows:

1.1.2        Prepare skills standards development manual, guidelines, formats, others.

  1. Developed draft “competency standards” in the 4 trade areas, i.e. (i) Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Sector for: Automotive Service and Repair Jobs on Skills Level I-IV and Welding Service and Repair Jobs on Skills Level I-III; (ii) Ready-made furniture assembler (Level I), Window and table maker (Level II), Cabinet maker (Level III) and Furniture Finisher (Spraying), Level II; iii)Basic Business services: Bookkeeper(Level II-IV),Cashier(Level II-III),Secretary(Level I-IV), and Sales & Marketing(Level I-IV).
  2. Developed and proposed a coding system for competency standards.

1.1.3  Development of national skills standards for 4 skill areas and its determined qualification levels.

  1. Finalized agenda and implementation plan to support TWG’s in all four occupational areas.
  2. Completed research and compilation of regional and international Competency Standards (CS) to support the development of CS for the 4 approved jobs in the Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Sector.
  3. Construction;-Continued research & compilation of Regional & International Competency Standards (CS) to support development of CS for the 5 approved jobs in the Construction Sector.
  4. Construction; Finalized TWG agenda & implementation plan & schedules for all 5 jobs.
  5. Construction;-Two TWG Workshops completed (04-06 April & 28-30 May 2012) in support of the “Development of skills standards” for Bricklayer, Carpenter, Concreter, Electrical Installer, Plumber.
  6. Construction: Provided ongoing TWG support as required.
  7. Construction;-Completed Level 3 CS’s for 5 Construction Jobs to Final draft status (Bricklayer, Carpenter, Concreter, Electrical Installer, Plumber).
  8. Construction;-Completed Level 4 CS, for 2 Construction Jobs to Final draft status (Electrical Supervisor, Construction Supervisor).
  9. Construction; Continuing support of NTC-PO regarding TWG CS development process.
  10. Mechanical Maintenance and Repair;-Two TWG Workshops completed (04-06 April & 28-30 May 2012) in support of the “Development of skills standards” for Agro-Machinery Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Motorbike Mechanics and Welder.
  11. Completed Level 3 CS’s for 4 Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Jobs to Final draft status (Agro-Machinery Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Motorbike Mechanics and Welder).
  12. Ongoing development on Level 4 CS, for Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Jobs (Vehicle Service Supervisor/Controller).
  13. Provided ongoing TA to TWG’s as required in all four occupational areas.
  14. Supported NTC-PO in planning and organizing of TWG’s in all four occupational areas.
  15. Completed 2 workshops on standard setting for furniture trade (MWP 2012, activity on 23 – 25 April 2012 and 15 – 18 May 2012. In relation to this, 18 sets of training handouts were developed and provided to TWG during said workshops.
  16. Completed final draft of 4 competency standards in Furniture trades, i.e. Window maker (Level II), Table maker (Level II); Cabinet maker (Level III) and Furniture Finisher - Sprayer (Level II).
  17. Coordinated and work closely with the Lao Furniture Association (LFA) for industry participants and development of competency standards.
  18. Completed results of survey conducted to 8 furniture companies to validate the appropriateness of units of competencies derived from the standard setting workshop and from international models to the Lao furniture companies.
  19. Provided support to NTC-PO in organizing industry representatives during the standard setting workshops.
  20. Conducted networking activities with LFA and furniture owners-exhibitors during the Lao furniture exhibition at ITECC.
  21. Two consultation workshops on standard setting with TWG development teams for Basic Business skills were conducted in 23 - 25 April and in 14 - 16 May with the support of NTC-PO and the assigned Methodologist from VEDC.
  22. These consultation workshops resulted in the drafting of units of competency that were subsequently clustered into competency standards for the 4 priority jobs at the identified levels —Bookkeeper (Level III), Cashier (Level III), Secretary (Level III) and Sales & Marketing Representative (Level III).
  23. Industry participation was ensured in these consultation workshops with the participation of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(LNCCI), Electricite Dus Laos- one of the biggest State-owned-enterprise and a major employer in Lao PDR, and TACDO-a private management training provider for major business entities in Lao PDR.

1.2.1        Design new TVET modular CBT based curriculum frameworks and manual.

  1. Manual for Developing CBT curriculum has been drafted and validated with the VEDC and industry representatives.
  2. The International Training Specialist and SSCTT Consultants with VEDC as the lead IU, conducted workshop on 18 – 22 June 2012 to train core curricula development teams modular curricula development framework including developing model competency-based curriculum and learning modules. competency based modular training packages linked to skill standards developed, including teacher &students guides & learner based learning materials relevant to gender sensitive methods.

  1. Draft Competency-based Modular Training package (Plumber Level 3) based on Draft Curriculum Manual developed and circulated among team for comment and decision. This package included a) Draft CS, b) Draft Course Design/Structure, c) Draft Learning Modules, d) Draft of a Learning Module, d) Draft of an Assessment Guide/Instrument.
  2. Ongoing development on draft layout for Competency Based Modular Training package (Motorbike Mechanic Level 3) based on Draft Curriculum Manual developed & Draft Plumper Level 3.

1.2.2   Develop training standards for delivery of modular CBT

  1. Will be drafted in quarter 3.

1.2.5  Development competency based assessment.

1.   Construction:- Draft CB assessment instruments as an integrated component in the CB Training Package.

1.3.1    Assist VEDC with the development of generic performance standard and assessment for TVET teachers.

1.   Standard and assessment guide needs to be translated into Lao language and printed (refer to activity1.3.1.7)

1.3.6 Assess new and existing teacher training and upgrading needs against labor market data.

1.   Drafted self-assessment TNA questionnaire for teachers, which will be submitted to all project schools in July 2012. The results will be analyzed to verify the data collection done during quarter 1, 2012 (refer to activity1.3.6.1)

1.3.7 Review initiatives for TVET teacher’s in-services and pre-services training.

1.   Development of Teacher Training Program in Construction, Mechanical, Furniture and Basic Business trades: Basic data on Teacher-trainer from seven public project schools is updated, development for teacher staff qualification self-assessment is ongoing and Teacher Training Program Process flow chart has been developed.

1.3.10 Develop processes and implement annual planning for TVET teacher recruitment and development.

  1. The TA team jointly with the Teacher Development Division conducted the planned workshop on ‘TVET teacher employment and TVET teacher recruitment and development procedures’ during the month of May 2012.
  2. The workshop outline, agenda and workshop report drafted by the National Employment Consultant is attached as Annex.

1.5.4 Prepare project designated institution's equipment requirements

1. Ongoing support to PIU procurement unit in reviewing institutional equipment requirements, which was done by conducting a 2nd Workshop on “Preparation of Institutional Equipment Requirements” (May 2012) by International Consultant in line with revised formats and agreed jobs for Construction, Mechanical, Furniture and Basic Business trades.

1.5.5 Prepare tender documents, initiate ICB and delivery and commission equipment’s.

1.   All 3 ICB packages document were prepared, but they just waiting for the cost of some equipment list from suppliers before submission to ADB because some of equipment cannot supply from Asian Region.